Spirit Talk & Shamanism at Soul Farm. Interview with Dr. Cosima Klinger-Paul, New Delhi, India

Interview by Willi Paul

Co-Presented by PlanetShifter.com Magazine & openmythsource.com

Soul Retrieval –

“There are various causes for soul loss. Trauma, depression, accident or simple lack of attention might cause the soul to partly split to cope with the experience. Although occasionally soul parts might come back on their own, it happens that some parts remain out of our reach and cause a lack of vital soul energy within ourselves. This is when the shamanic practice of soul retrieval will help to regain one’s energy and vitality to continue a healthy path of life.

The symptoms of soul loss include a feeling of observing life rather than taking part in it. The feeling of dissociation and numbness might be a hint that some lost soul parts are not coming back on their own. A shamanic practitioner travels into non-ordinary reality in order to restore this vital soul energy for the client. Other reasons for soul loss might me addiction, chronic illness, depression, or not feeling fully ‘at home’.”

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Interview with Cosima by Willi –

What is a “spontaneous awakening?”

It is like a flash and sudden shift of consciousness that enables us to grasp a deeper meaning of something that makes sense to us and feels like it is true and important. Many times it is like a veil that is lifted of something that you might have read or heard before but did not fully understand it.

Can you tell us about one of your (or a client’s) Out-of-Body experience?

As a Shamanic practitioner I am using ancient Shamanic journeying techniques to retrieve information from the spirit world for personal benefit and the benefit of others. It is a trance technique which involves soul travel into other realities. The trance itself is not the goal, it is a vehicle. These techniques involve ‘out-of-body experiences’ each time. In the trance itself the body is left by the soul to journey into these other realities, where the universal intelligence is taking over and revealing its information.

In one of my early journeys I had planned to venture into the lower world to meet with my spirit guide. Instead while entering the trance state of mind and performing my ritual entrance journey, I was totally sucked down into and felt a speedy movement into the earth. I had never experienced anything like this before and was quite surprised. I landed in a very deep place inside the earth and found myself in a square place with columns around it and a high rise fire place in the middle.

A woman dressed in a beautiful dark blue coat with silver stars on it appeared and introduced herself as Mother Earth. I was struck by her beauty and waited. Then suddenly she opened her beautiful coat and underneath was a skinny figure which looked like a malnourished and weak skeleton structure. I was shocked and understood the meaning of it: This is the reality of our planet Earth; this is how she is misused and drained from our activities. I asked her what I can do to help and her answer was: ‘Go and create power places in nature so I can recharge my batteries’. I guess that’s one of the reasons I have created a farm in the Himalayas.

Do you believe that non-human races are visiting the Earth?

I really don’t know, I like to believe that life of our planet came from outer space in some form of DNA and expanded on our planet. I guess there are multiple forms of life in our universe and there are also multiple universes which our limited mind is not capable to grasp. But I am not an expert in this field.

You speak of the” elemental spirit of water.” Please explain.

Willi, I don’t know where I have spoken of the ‘elemental spirit of water’; anyway I feel the term should be the ‘spirit of the element water’. I communicate in my trance journeys with the spirit world and the elements are also communicating in their unique ways with me.

I like to summarize it with the term ‘nature spiritualism’ where re-connecting with nature by for example sitting at a water fall or a river can provide deep insight and lead to direct answers to our questions. It took me years to contemplate the meaning of water until I got my answers. The water spirit is our emotional body which enables us to deep feelings and emotional connection to the world around us. As I feel the importance of balancing the elements in our body, water is responsible for feelings, but when there is less water feelings dry up and rational thinking is dominating the scene. On the contrary when water is too much, emotions are not wisely controlled and integrated into our life, but this is necessary to restore balance within.

What symbols and myths are you using in your practice? Are you creating new ones?

In my long relationship with dreams and shamanic journeying I have seen a difference between symbols and myths. For me symbols occur in dreams but when it comes to shamanic journeying in the other reality I believe that the things I see are not symbols. Symbols occur in dreams, and myth is what I experience in my Shamanic journeying. I am in the process to explore this further. It’s interesting stuff.

A symbol as I understand it is like a metaphor for something else and one needs to understand how to read symbols and also understand their dynamics. In shamanic journeying I feel I am diving into a world of myth. One of the great present Shamans from Norway, Ailo Gaup, calls the other reality ‘the land of mythology’. In this mythology I am not creating anything rather than observe what unfolds in front of me and take it for real. Real in the other reality.

I believe it is a good idea to learn how we can shift our consciousness in order to tap into a vast body of knowledge, wisdom and information. In this other reality I certainly do not create a myth, I am in the myth, I am a part of it and am exposed to direct communication.

How does a talking stick “talk?”

A talking stick is an ancient tool used by some native Indian tribes to call a council in their community. In that council which had people sitting in a circle, only the one holding the talking stick was allowed to talk and no-one else could interfere. This guaranteed that everyone was able to speak out his opinion. By using the talking stick a form of intelligence is created within the circle and unfolds a completely different approach to communication and problem solving.

In my seminars I use the talking stick as a tool to reflect on the seminar with the participants.

How do you select the Shamanic Technique for each patient or event?

In my Shamanic healing work I use my Shamanic trance journeys to contact my helping spirit guides. I have a whole team and out of this team there is one spirit which is responsible for dealing with clients. I firstly go on a diagnostic journey where I tell the problem of the client to my spirit guide and wait for instructions what I should do in order to help. I use the help of the spirit guide to perform the tasks like soul retrieval, soul remembering, extraction etc. Shamanic practitioners work like a ‘hollow bone’ as one of the famous Shamanic teachers points out. It is not me who decides. I am a messenger who establishes the connection to the other reality so healing can take place.

What are your most important values?

What I consider my most important value is freedom. This includes personal rights such as freedom of speech, freedom of choice and lifestyle. Living in India provides the freedom of choice in many ways. In many western countries there is a control of law of healing practices and teaching Shamanic healing techniques is often restricted. India provides a platform of spiritual freedom which is unique; on the contrary, Indians are very interested in spiritual knowledge and personal development. For example the Anahata Foundation is functioning as a profound platform for integration of new angles to address present debate of environmental and changes of consciousness on Mother Earth.

The upcoming event of ‘ShaMania Global Spirit Festival’ brings together likeminded people whom I consider of being members of the Global Tribe, people who choose to open their eyes for looking beyond the present reality. I really value the fact that we all have a choice to express ourselves. Living in Asia I really value this choice as personal rights are not always respected in this part of the world.

How are shamanism and alchemy related in your work?

Shamanic work has a deep transformational effect and as I understand the principles of Alchemy transformation is a vital aspect of both. I have yet to study Alchemy more elaborate (what I hope to be able to do soon) but I see the motivation behind interest in Shamanism and Alchemy are the same. Merging of matter, magic and myth seems to be the base for both.

What are the ancient origins of the Drum Circle?

Drums and flutes are found in all ancient civilisations. It seems that drumming has been a vehicle to trance experience and shamanic journeying since the dawn of humankind. However, there is no evidence about exact time and country the origins of drum circles as we perform them now. In indigenous societies the role of the drum circle had a ritual function to connect to the spirit world. This has been practices in many cultures until western civilisations and religions oppressed the direct contact to the Great Spirit by claiming the sole right to connect to their form of God. In a drum circle everybody can connect to the spirit world and access knowledge, wisdom and information.

What is the Soul? Do we have the same Soul?

The soul is the sum of vital energy and power which is our life force. I believe we are all connected to the same life force. Soul is easier felt when parts of it are missing. Trauma and accidents as well as simple lack of care and trust lead to partly soul loss. It seems to me that our soul is connected with a universal body of intelligence, being conscious of itself. It becomes clear when we see our planet as an intelligent and self conscious being with its own sum of vital energy and power (so to speak with its own soul) and soul loss is what we as a human race are conducting with our planet. There is a void that is created and this provides an opening for other forms of existence.

You write: “… our biggest fear is the fear of our own internal power.” But this pretends that we understand this internal power. Most people have enough to deal with from external powers! Comments?

I did not write ‘our biggest fear is the fear of our own internal power’, to be precise I wrote ‘our biggest fear is to be powerful beyond measure.’ We are not trained to use our own talents to the maximum and many of us choose to ignore our powers rather than explore opportunities for the better of themselves and others. Actually if we want to see the present problems of the environment, we CAN see if we WANT to see. This is using our own power and intelligence instead of falling into a general hypnosis of present humankind.

It is easier for many people to remain in their own self pity and being the eternal victim rather than to stand up without fear and use their power and energy.

Will, thanks for the opportunity to answer your questions. Just for you to know: My native language is German, so in case you need any kind of clarification in my answers just let me know. Wishing you all the best.

* * * * * * *

Dr. Cosima Klinger-Paul Bio –
Dr. Cosima Klinger-Paul got introduced to Shamanism by the Peruvian Shaman Don Eduardo de Calderon in 1984. As a spiritual seeker and autodidact, she practiced Kriya Yoga and studied Western Astrology for 10 years before she got her calling and fully turned towards the shamanic tradition of dream interpretation in 1994.

She left her Austrian home country and lives with her Indian husband at the foothills of the Indian Himalayas since 2000. Her spiritual journey led her to many power places in the world. She went on several pilgrimages including three times to Kailash-Manasarovar, the Oracle Lake in Tibet, Muktinath in Nepal, Tapovan near Gangotri, Ayer’s Rock in Australia, Egypt, and the Sahara desert in Africa. In Shamanism she found her home and her roots, having a family tradition of spirit talk and a solid legal background as well. She was a speaker at the “1st National Conference on Spiritual Science” in Hyderabad in November 2007. She has created the concept of Soul Farm using and merging her profound knowledge of earth traditions and shamanic spiritual practices.

Connections –

Dr. Cosima Klinger-Paul
cosima.paul at gmail.com

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