PlanetShifter’s Willi Paul Synergizes Sustainability and Mythology, Interview by SWAiL in ZOUCH Magazine & Miscellany

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SWAiL, from Zouch Magazine: It’s my pleasure to be able to have this little chat with you Willi, I think many of our readers will be very interested to hear about your work…

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So which came first, openmythsource or Planetshifter? Also, how do the two projects relate? came into the world on EarthDay 2009 as a community innovation + sustainability site. At that time, many artists came from MySpace via an invite/transfer portal we established there. Later I decided to go solo blog. Now it’s Magazine with over 270 thought leader interviews and 1770 posts. Five months ago I created and invited Writer / Illustrator David Metcalfe to co-launch our investigation into how sustainability / permaculture is propelled by the new alchemy + new mythology.

What originally sparked your ideas of synergizing of mythology and sustainability?

I feel that the old mythic story base is dead or dying. We need new myths – and new processes to create them – to assist our children in this difficult time.

Where are the universal myths based on the internet? Permaculture? Rock music?

This is my life’s work.

I see your websites features work by an eclectic mix interesting people. What’s it like working with your vibrant group of eccentric minds?

Takes one to know one?!

I post 4 – 5 per week. Unpaid. It’s the new folks who are building the new networks and global green relationships that I feature. The so-called eclectic soul challenges the status quo and helps us to illuminate and uphold the Truth.

From Japanese water artists to mud hut makers in Sonoma, we are making cracking eggs and firing-off satellites at Magazine &!

In your “inner & outer system of the sacred” video you explain that permaculture, your third foundational concept, is based in science. Can you elaborate on this?

Hey! I am a permaculture newbie! Two of my degrees are in Ecology and Architectural so my base reference for permaculture is how soil building, water re-use and composting support the design and implementation natural and man-made systems and structures.

But I also understand that science must be connected to the spirit, hence the other corners of the model.

The dictionary definition of sacred:

1. exclusively devoted to a deity or to some religious ceremony or use; holy; consecrated

2. worthy of or regarded with reverence, awe, or respect.

After your extensive consideration of the sacred, do you see anything that should be added to this simple definition?

Right now, in conjunction with my mission to create new myths for the planet, I am also actively challenging the old guard on what is sacred. Sacred is also central our online workshop on the 1/27: Mythic Mandate Online Workshop: Green Alchemy and the Permaculture Revolution.

Do you see any examples of modern things that have a sacred aura about them? Are there any new Gods?

Some people in my network are working in the sacred. I believe that sacred is more of an action not a book or a Sunday service. Does an iPhone or Facebook babble get you to scared?

I see countless examples of capricious greenwashing by US corporations, ingrown lies in our business relationship with China; war as a money making, godless excuse to kill and own others. Without a new set of spiritual principles and myths, I expect that human beings will be extinct in 100 years.

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Call For Authors: “ – Global Perspectives on Alchemy, Myth and Sustainability“ – eBook 4.

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