Shift & Morph alchemy. Interview with poet Tara Timmers

Interview by Willi Paul.

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Sacred Life

We can be assured that our guides are watching out for us and our ancestors protecting our lives. The very harmony of our souls is heard by all humanity. When we struggle someone is there to support us. When we cry for all our pains there will always be another person to catch the tears and plant the seeds of love into our hearts. This life is one of challenge and test as we walk over the colas of fire to be at peace in our minds. No one need suffer as there is enough to give from all our collective wisdom. We can learn from those who came before us and change all the patterns in our lives that keep us stuck on our paths. Change is not to be feared as it is a constant vision that guides us to the future and to our true selves.

Although, as change occurs we need to embrace our traditions and manifest only things for the greater good.

This way our ancestors will be content and the Earth will be healed. As we birth children, we birth ideas. The creative comforts of our human nature can undo any harm. As we unite and gather to support each other we will begin to see strength, honor and courage. Thank you to all those that came in times past to make change happen that allows for diversity, difference and the bonding of all cultures in humanity. We can truly learn from each other how to remember, how to heal and how to be there in our full presence for another on this path. Our purest thoughts can enlighten the masses and our darkness can lead the lessons of how to unlock the doors that lead to the light.

* * * * * * *

Why write poetry? Who cares? Who reads it?!

Poetry is a deeper expression of the psychic intuitive worlds that lie within us. It takes us on a journey of the senses that can transform our lives. There is an unknown psychology of existence that creates the patterns we live out. Reality shifts daily with each interaction and changes those patterns. Our realities can be moved and shifted with words that form a story line. This is due to insights being shared that the reader is unaware of. Poetry is a communication tool that lets the soulful parts of our inner worlds be voiced. From healing work to creative performance, poetry tells a story of the pain, the excitement and the meaning of living. This can offer beauty to the process of life. To care about poetry is to care for the self.

To be open to transformative word structures is to empower the mind to journey through time and space. We gather experiences and resonate with the words on the page. Resonation creates relationships, intimacy and connection. Poetry is a gateway tool to building community. Although poetry has sometimes been called dry it can have depth and meaning beyond ordinary living. People who read poetry are seekers of knowledge, curious by nature and often romantics. It takes a creative soul to delve into reading poetry and a traveler of worlds to understand the meaning within.

“My faith in humans is strong.” Where does this come from?

I work in mental health and have seen the devastating effects of mental illness of my clients. Although there is much suffering in the world I am learning to appreciate the true stars that work to break down isolation and barriers for people in recovery. Helping people move forward with their lives brings me great peace of mind and “faith” in the system. We all can be strong advocates for change, Ambassadors as you wish. Injustice is everywhere, so is discrimination. Stigma can destroy lives and relationships, not to mention building poverty. The strength of people who work for human rights and dignity can alleviate the stress on others who may need time to recover from mental illness.

I know there is great courageousness happening every day. We have an opportunity to guide and support others who are struggling to build a better quality of life. We are guests on every person’s path helping him or her in the way they need without an agenda. We all need to commit to bettering the system, filling the cracks with love and compassion. Human beings can inspire. That inspiration can breed good will. Let’s inspire everyone on our path and journey with them as long as it takes to see a smile on their faces. It is our responsibility as “citizen’s of care” as “patrons of the giving spirit” to lift others out of suffering into opportunity and choice.

Do you use alchemy?

I have a strong spiritual practice and an open mind to healing modalities that transform lives. Alchemy takes the spirit and transmutes change to its core structures. In a philosophical sense Reiki is the manifestation of an alchemical redesign of the spirit. To process the interior landscapes of our mental emotional, and physical well-being is life molding and transformational. The dream world also hosts a variety of alchemy possibilities for change by building insight into life and the path we are all on. Dream symbols help the mind see differently our obstructions, challenges and barriers while opening them up to shift and morph into lessons. Alchemy makes way for true and authentic interactions with our deeper need making them into golden opportunities to grow personally.

Is opening your heart an act of sustainability?

Living with an open heart, unbiased and without harmful intention is about sustaining the life long journey of Hope. Being open to experiences and opportunities can create longer living patterns of existence. An idea can form and fall in the course of minutes but when the heart is involved and positive intention seeded in ideas can prosper and flourish. The earthen landscape is so diverse and populated by projects that build sustainable communities. Environmental attitudes conflict and rise in a warlike fashion amongst the people. For every one sided opinion there is a counter intuitive struggle backed by debatable facts. The heart is a metaphor that is powerful. It creates meaning out of all the chaos. It makes decisions that take in all the data presented and pulls from all dualities to find a common ground. We can please many more people by using our ethical heart.

To build walls is a truly unsustainable act. To open to community exploration with “heart wisdom” strengthens us all. The path of the open-heart open mind inspires by offering a non-barrier approach to realizing our potential and that of others. If we are to survive as a species we need to be open even in our thinking, our fear and our emotional states. This is a way of self-actualization that ripples out to those around us. Every interaction has an impact and so do all our words. An open heart has a language of authenticity that moves blockades and abates destructive forces. This is the only way to live that brings other into an embrace and watches the battles in our minds cease.

What are some of the most crucial symbols and archetypes in your work?

The power symbol in Reiki grounds the senses and promotes calm and well-being. I use it most often for self-treatments and goodwill to others on the path. Personal power does not misdirect care and meets each encounter with and equal footing. I also utilize stars as an act of the universal code of conduct such as respect, integrity and compassion towards people. There is a general ideology that we must be authentic and true to our internal meaning and purpose. The star symbolizes the relationship of interactions, behaviors, action and reaction. There is a knowing that comes with symbolism such as this and the tapping into wisdom and intelligence is to guide our interrelated communities. Stars are above us as the true enlightenment. They see all and govern many of our systems.

“Through Reiki you can create a greater sense of calm in your life.” Please explain.

By placing my hands on my physical form I am opening my mind to healing. Memories, events and emotions stir and the energy are transformed into useful remnants of past pain. Reiki helps to build insight and through the healing process calms the mind and emotions. By traveling into our past and using the Reiki protective symbols we can undo some of the damage of stress. My body is a vehicle for decision and learning. Reiki is tool of practice and lifestyle. The calm comes from self care and the moments spent in sacred space. My mind is eternally active taking in new ideas and being involved in new events. Reiki helps create the energy of relaxation. To use Reiki is to honor yourself and your well-being.


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