The rhythmic rocking and soundings of a Mystic. Interview with Myra Jackson by Willi Paul

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What does a mystic do?

First, I feel compelled to respond to the word ‘mystic’ as a label that I accept for myself for now, yet may abandon tomorrow should it devolve in meaning like so many other terms.

I live with an awareness of the Great Mystery where little can be known or defined in cognitive or ordinary language. I view our language as incapable of describing what is beyond what we can reference in our known world. Words are symbols of human understanding evolving constantly, and so are limited and appropriately fall out of usage with time.

So to return to your question, as a Mystic, direct experience with the sublime and integration of those subtle states of being into material existence is what creates movement in my world. So I must confess, the ‘being’ state often informs the ‘doing’. There was a time when the ‘being’ occupied my time and the ‘doing’ aspect was rarely attempted. Now the being and the doing hold equal time. It has become more relevant to integrate and give form to the mystical. For this reason, I am participating in this interview.

Please tell us about a few critical passages from your training in the ancient spiritual and tantric lineages?

My conscious experiences began at the age of 4, when through strong rhythmic rocking and sounding I would travel leaving my body behind on a sofa holding a cuddly white rabbit. It was in the fall of 1962 that I went out too far in my travels and was escorted back by a being flanked on my right-side. I registered his presence as male. As we approached earth it appeared before me as a black and white checkered board filled with little flames of light throughout. I connected with a feeling of wanting to hug the earth to assure it that everything was okay. However, I was left with a message to remember this was a game.

This experience and many of my early childhood experiences with the ‘little people’ and various entities came to a dramatic close shortly after being escorted back.

I learned how to meet the demands of being a good human child by finishing all of my chores and schoolwork so that I could have undisturbed time to daydream, sky gaze and play in nature. I spent hours in my Childcraft and World Book encyclopedias fascinated by all the ways that people worshipped around the world. This was enhanced by an incredible set of viewmaster slides (designed by National Geographic in collaboration with Disney and World Book) from around the world that allowed me a 3d view of people around the globe in various modes of work, play, worship, etc., I flipped through those slides for hours and hours over great many years in my youth.

It was quite ordinary for me to have precognitive dreams and a steady stream of awarenesses that later would become known to me as déjà vu experiences. My training came by way of direct experience and direct guidance from dreams, encounters, and deep gnosis. In my teens, through a series of messengers and runners from the most unlikely sources I received direction and advanced instruction. In time, in fact some 40 years in time, I understood the message ‘that the way is prepared for you’ was a truth that I could accommodate and rely upon.

In my young life, my fascination with classical music and the sciences, in particular astronomy led me to the ancient sciences of alchemy, sound, color, and light. These interests arose out of a natural curiosity as routinely I would see the colors and lights around people change in dramatic ways when listening to music or when wearing certain colors, or when expressing strong views etc., so I was drawn into the exploration of energy. In my secular world, I was educated in engineering power plants and power distribution systems and so my interests were grounded in some mode of real world application.

In my teens, I was fully into the writings of numerous spiritual teachers, however had a strong aversion to having a guru or taking any vows. About one-third of the students in my high school had gurus. I loved reading the writings of all the various eastern teachers and taught myself TM, however kept my distance. In my late 20’s and early 30’s, I began having direct experiences with many teachers, feeling drawn to experience their energies directly. So I traveled far and wide. Studying for a time within several paths, and for a period of time serving, and then moving on to the next experience whenever the call came.

I returned to my Native American roots, at the age of 24; and took initiations with Apache medicine woman Kutenai and with the late Sun Bear. I spent time on the Navajo reservation at Window Rock; from there I studied Sanskrit, pranayama, yoga, theravada meditation, kundalini yoga, Kaballah with true hasidic Jewish scholars and mystics and the formal metaphysical studies of Religious Science.

In the mid-eighties, my initiation into the inner planes began with a woman trained in the Alice Bailey tradition. A conscious channel and clairvoyant seer, she was in her 90’s when our paths crossed. The clearance energy of her associates had a profound impact on my life and kicked open a huge door into my interior life and exposed me to some of the spiritual masters who see themselves as guiding humanity. This work was focused on the Christ Consciousness and Buddhic streams of awareness. In that work, I worked closely with Sanat Kumara, DK, and Saint Germain.

My messages came in a series of three, and then the action always followed. Following this kind of credo, I found myself taking off into faraway places and like Hansel and Gretal following crumbs strewn across a tailored path my steps would light up. I studied with two Mayan shamans in the Yucatan and with a Hawaiian Huna elder in Maui.

I found my most accessible lineage for this lifetime within Tibetan Buddhism, specifically Vajrayana and with it a set of vows that I could take and honor.

In short, my most profound experiences came during my month long Darkroom experience in Thailand and during my time in Nepal and Tibet. To narrow my experiences down to these two is quite a feat for I live in a world filled with breakthrough, wonder and awe. I would confess that all of my experiences prior to my time in Nepal and Tibet and then in the darkroom were summed up nicely in these two periods. Both featured profound experiences of the Great Mother.

Are you advocating an “electronic or digital” alchemy?

NO, I have never thought of the expressions ‘electronic or digital’ alchemy. Being a curious sort, I wonder what is meant by such a term? Perhaps, in receiving a definition, I could answer.

Do you know the Great Mother (nature)? When did you first make contact?

I truly love this question and find it the most challenging in fact to answer. It is deeply intimate and it is new for me to talk of HER at all though I am now on record with the disclosure made in June and July of 2010 during the Living in Councilship call series and will continue to speak of my experiences with the Great Mother for the remaining days of my life.

My first contact with her is perhaps lost to me. Coming into human form the veils are heavy. I came from the universe of the Mother to earth. It is not uncommon for us to be a part of something and walk around with no memory or awareness. Just think about it for a moment. How aware are you of being in your mother’s womb. This is the time when you were not separate from your mother. Do you remember this time?

She announced herself to me by the name Great Mother during a journaling session in May of 1994. In that session, she talked to me about Metanoia. That was a new term for me and there was no dictionary with a definition. As so we began. I was told that it would be sometime before I would meet others like myself. Until then, there would be no purpose for sharing our exchanges.

During the course of my conscious exchange with the Great Mother, she has shown me all the ways that she came to me without revealing her identity. She cannot be known in one form. She had been revealing herself to me slowly over time. She had come in my dreams as large globes of light; each a distinct and vibrant color. I recognized the hue of the colors these globes represented yet had never seen the intensity of the colors she displayed in these experiences. The colors were more vibrant than any colors I had seen. I have only begun to see the luminous spectrum of blues, reds, greens, yellows, and whites seen in that awesome display. These colors parade in the unseen places of our deep oceans. I have encountered her on the great oceans and amongst the Grand Sequoias. I encountered her in various birds and in the massive tarantula in Nepal; and in the caves of Drak Yurpa. And my darkroom experience in Chiang Mai, Thailand. These are the places where the Great Mother initiated me directly.

What are some of the most important skills that humans need to survive and prosper in the Age of Sustainability now unfolding?

Here again, I cannot go far with what you are describing as the Age of Sustainability. Sustainability is quite the buzzword now and carries a multitude of meanings across various sectors of society. I am not sure the business of sustainability is one I wish to serve. Just what are we talking about sustaining? Whose life? Whose culture? Whose views?

I ask a similar question often that is oriented toward what do we need to become to live well through the transition from one era to another era? The answer, I receive time and time again is related to qualities of being and virtues. They are caring, sharing, intimacy, transparency, trust, innocence, creativity, love, equanimity, and compassion. These qualities are directed toward oneself and others. The ‘other’ referenced are as in all life. The kind of collective view within humanity based on an awareness of interdependence and our interrelatedness with all life in such a way that our actions follow that awareness.

I had not given much thought to the collective beyond my early years when I saw the earth from out of my body. I confess my newfound awareness on the collective and the kind of transformation needed has come from my deep interactions with Alfredo Sfeir-Younis.

When it comes to the most important skills there are a few that are most practical. They are related to a return to the basics of life: food, shelter, heat, and water. We no longer value the kind of trades that we rely upon everyday as valid occupations. We have transformed our communities from a cadre of skilled craftsmen connected to the needs of its surroundings to consumer blocks with incredible appetites for the unreal and estranged from the sources of all that it consumes.

Collectively, we are like hungry ghost, we are insatiable. It is not possible to feel truly nourished or the fullness of life while being fed by that which we have no connection and is thereby unreal.

We have abdicated our free will for a false-sense of freedom to choose among a full buffet of that which enslaves and dulls us fully.

We have distorted every source of material nourishment for our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Not only do I speak of the obvious nutrients of food and water, I also include the distorted views perpetrated with regard to our bodies and our sexual energy. The damage feeds violence, neurosis, disease, and the destruction of our inner and outer ecology.

We need to sharpen our antenna. Our ability to receive and transmit information intuitively is a skill we need to recover. This recovered skill will open up channels of communication with Gaia and her kingdoms. Her various kingdoms: mineral, plant, animal and the elemental forces: water, fire, earth, air, and space are sources of essential wisdom. We need to avail ourselves of the terrestrial wisdom that surrounds us.

A vivid example occurred during the Indonesian tsunami of 1994, when the elephants in Sri Lanka went upland several days ahead of the massive deep sea quake that spawned the massive tsunami wiping out millions of lives. We can be in communication in a verisimilar way and receive information, and respond by moving or assisting Gaia’s movement.

The Human kingdom is 7 billion in number. Our presence here is not casual. Our toxicity feeds our collective neurosis to consume without an awareness of the imbalance being created. Our collective presence is a force during this time. The transformation needed is in our collective consciousness. What is being fostered at this time, is an experiential shift in how we see ourselves in relationship to the greater being of which we are apart – Gaia.

Gaia is going through a great change to balance the imbalances and to evolve into her next stage of development as a planetary consciousness. Our massive presence here is akin to the multitudes of spermatozoa released to ensure one sperm is successful in penetrating the egg and fertilizing it setting off the alchemy of cellular transformation and DNA sharing that prepares a material body for a soul to enter. The success of the one entering the seedpod is the work of the collective in movement toward a single destination.

All initiations are collective on an evolutionary scale. We as one with Gaia are moving through an initiation. It is a time of being a conscious and responsible facet of a whole that chooses to go through the tunnel with an intent to emerge on the other end transformed by the alchemy of synthesis.

Can you discuss the connections between Christianity the impact of capitalism and consumerism?

In my view there are clear connections to Christianity, capitalism and consumerism. And so, I applaud this question.

I am no expert, nor am I scholar in any of these areas, however I do have a view in the form of a curiosity that comes from what I have observed during my 52 trips around our sun.

I have never spoken to anyone about the connections I see in the religions seeded from Abraham and the values that bred capitalism and its modern form of enslavement known as consumerism. To be certain, I will not take the time nor the space to present all of my thinking on the matter. So my response will be incomplete.

I find it utterly fascinating that we as a collective accept in one form or another a religious view that places the divine out of our reach, in the form of a paternal white man that favors a chosen few and sends his son as a savior to redeem our souls from its certain fate as a condemned soul by way of inheritance as we pass through the defiled womb of our mothers.

To reach this paternal god-being, we must go through another man. In a universe so vast I squirm at the insanity of this notion and the way in which it prevails. It dismisses one of the most mysterious aspect of creation and defiles it as lessor, and in some cases evil. The very beings that insisted through force that the world we live upon is flat and at the center of all that is known perpetuate and promote these views.

These views emerge from separation and violence.

The worldview of these religions was imposed by force, by violence. There was no choice in the choosing for anyone in which they claim oversight. No heart response in the choosing, by the masses to such views or teachings.

How could this be sane? How could this prevail? How could we enter into a neurosis so deep that we would deny that which we know provides us with nourishment and so much more? What kind of conditioning can alienate us so thoroughly?

And where these views were upheld by state as in the days of Rome, we witnessed the killing of high scholars, men, women, and children who lived in some sort of respectful accord with nature; and the decimation of intact indigenous cultures and their vast libraries. We find this full on expansion of Rome, now known by many other names in the Americas and Africa a form of wealth building that continues to this day. These lands were stolen, the people pillaged, enslaved, and forced into conversion to a view that destroyed their healthy relationship with nature, their language, and their cultural identities. The God they were given condemned their ways as backward, satanic, and unevolved. This God came to baptize them claiming to remove their sins and bring them under their rule into civility. It was a stripping away of their connection to nature and to a healthy view of themselves in the world.

During the time that Catholicism reigned in the world by decree and by the ambition of the royals, the slave trade began and with it the colonization of the known world. This expansion of power and control over others and an inhuman view of segments of the human species were then and are sanctioned by the Church of Rome by papal bulls still intact today. In fact, it is with an idea of god’s chosen people that some lives are valued more than others.

The intolerable idea of outright, institutional slavery finally gave way in the conscience of some men and women. However the powers that be, now using various forms of governance as a means to manage growing populations and continue their hold on power and wealth building through banking and its instruments created capitalism and its new form of enslavement – consumerism or management by indebtness.

We now operate on a series of unexamined assumptions. One of them is – a healthy economy is a growing economy. A growing economy requires that we continue to consume at ever increasing numbers. Yes there is a relationship between Christianity, Capitalism, and consumerism.

Riddled with addiction, disease, and a deep desire for entertainment and superficial drama – the power of our collective remains fully manageable by a few and seemingly far from awakening to our collective power and ending the insanity, or not?

Is permaculture the way back to nature? Why?

No, permaculture is not a way back to nature. We are not separate from nature. We behave as if we are disconnected from nature and do not understand that our wellness is related to planetary wellness. We seem to think it is about what we do. It is not about what we do alone – it is about the state of our awareness – it is about what we recover about our true identity within the greater body of Gaia. It is about what we discard that obscures our view of the living being of which we are apart.

Permaculture is a wonderful method. The greatest methods will be those we employ in councilship with the plant, mineral, and animal kingdoms. Where we grow food in cooperation with the species represented within the natural settings we settle and receive nourishment we will experience harmonization with nature and a sense of return to the garden.

Permaculture practices that emerge from a state of being that is aware of the organism we share and in which we have our being will mature. Permaculture used as an ideology becomes a weapon.

How do you assess potential clients? What are your key values?

I do not have clients at this time.

My key values at this time are a part of a continuous weave between the very subtle, the subtle, and gross levels of our immaterial and material world. For me the space and theatre for these values play out in a form of tantra. I am fascinated with the true power inherent in all life and the myriad ways that true power expresses itself. I am in the full embrace of all my experiences as refining. I value environments where all can be seen as luminous and brilliant facets of the great ocean of life. I value the experience of being in a material form on a unique adventure on a distinct planet in the greater cosmos. I value greatly that what continues on in my next journey beyond this time and space are the experiences gathered here that include and transcend the limitations of my material existence.

How is my body an alchemic host?

Asking this question in this way implies that the body is a host to alchemical processes. So, I want to comment explicitly with what is implied and take it a step further. Yes, our bodies are host to alchemical processes. We are largely ignorant of these processes. Becoming aware of these processes is inherent in every shamanic/tantric system practiced. It is an alchemy that cannot be understood nor appreciated without respect for the intelligence within nature.

By way of our breathing, use of our sensory organs (subtle and gross), the flow of our bodily fluids, what we absorb and excrete, what we spin and hold, what we process and dump, what we move and assimilate, what we stretch and contract, what we fire up, and cool down and so on… is all a part of an inner alchemy that is fully linked with the outer ecology. We are continuously moving between the subtle/immaterial domain of being into the gross/material domain of our existence.

When we can place the awareness of our mental, emotional, and spiritual being at the center of our physical being we become a conscious host to the greater alchemy. We find ourselves free to move in and out of the matrix, in and out of the hologram of our collective experiences.

The physical I speak of includes our full awareness of Gaia’s luminous embrace and our liberation.

Are you a Shaman?

No, I am not a Shaman. The role of a shaman is important and is established by way of specific initiations. I am a Mystic and a tantric who walks the planetary grid and who uses shamanic practices.

Myra Jackson Bio – Described as a Mystic and Evocateur of the sacred well-rooted in various ancient spiritual and tantric lineages, Myra devotes her time in service to organizations focused on human transformation. Educated as an engineer, Myra found that her early training in electrical theory informed her spiritual life. Today, that training provides useful metaphorical language in discussing the subtle realm and alchemy. Myra feels that The Great Mother (with her masculine fully ensconced) is an archetype emerging with fierce clarity and resplendent force, evoking our re-membering during these transitional times. After 30 years, she unveils this whispered wisdom in the public domain.

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