@planetshifter and the wonderment sea – by willi paul

Queries on Heart

Why do we imagine? What is this energy? Is it a common pool, a loving transaction? How long has art been around?

What artifacts have you placed here? Are they ours?

Why are dolphins our “sea equals?” What function does this thought serve? Do your thoughts serve your heart?

Aliens are popular now, why? Are we making faces at God? with God? or are we calling up great change, in search of a cosmic template?

Why can’t this template be you?

We do not have to resign and wait for our children’s’ children. The love that visualizes a better world for everyone is here, now.

Jesus, Buddha, Luke,… the Force has arrived, and it is us.

The art of imaging peace bonds our fragile spirit to a system of love. Love, Super Love, …imagine this reach.

[ from the self-published book of poems called: billy sent me by william george paul, 1991 ]

Back in 1991, I could not foresee the pending green gloom of the Green Movement and it’s cast of merry soil grinding characters like Gore, Palin, Bush and Begley, Jr.

We seem to be saying the same things over and over; we are re-runs that want to wallow in routine. Dumbed-down with SUV excuses, remote controlled attention spans, a fast food spirituality. Are we buying the same old green crap now: green soap and soy ham?

I sense that a dangerous wave of false creativity is now entrenched here – capped by our capricious capitalist bent for profit.

We are a dying human race, channeled by the negative, instead of simplifying, localizing and re-humanizing our children and their game boy visions and Facebook dart throw pinup on the Internet silliness.

How do we become imaginary beings again?

It’s now 2008 and I call for Wonderment!

Wonderment is defined by Wiki as a state of awe, surprise or astonishment; a puzzle or curiosity; and arousal by something strange and surprising.

Where is this force called wonderment? What I called a cosmic template back in 1991?


From: Event Circle No. 1

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