Clean Your Soul. Interview with Shaman Healer Peter Bosch-Jansen, Amsterdam

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“Whether I look like a shaman i really don’t know 😉 Of course i can dress up in my black poncho. But these days I ask protection to be invisible even when I do my full moon fire ceremony in the middle of suburban Amsterdam North. I guess the most important and critical factor will I be able to clear my soul, make myself transparent. Or like my teacher once told: Get the I out of the equation. If I am to work on the level of the soul, I have to know where mine ends and the other starts.”

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Interview with Peter by Willi –

Is there a universal (one) spirit?

Yes in my vision there is one spirit a kind of universal source of energy where all life comes from whether we call it a thing like a rock or a life form like a human. It all started at some point long, long time ago.

Can you describe your soul? What is this source?

To me my soul is an everlasting energy, really with no form or substance. It’s more a consciousness like the Buddhist say empty but full of information. My soul is what will continue when my physical form has come to an end.

Is sustainability like a new religion?

It has become a fashion. And with al popular ideas people get rigid about it and heated debates will follow for who is right or wrong or the most or least sustainable. I guess it is in once actions than the words which depicts when one act sustainable. It’s also a matter of perspective. For instance someone in the suburbs that really looks after his garbage in his environment where the consciousness about this topic is not very high might be more sustainable than a CEO with a lot of opportunities who decides to print on recyclable and non-bleached paper- due to the amount of possibilities.

Do you use alchemy?

If one considers turning knowledge in to wisdom i do use alchemy. I work from the position of “not-knowing” and from this openness new and surprising insight will occur.

Are you sensing that we are now creating a more nature-centered spirituality globally?

There is an increasing interest in spirituality of the native peoples, who kept in contact with nature and where never kicked out of the garden. More and more we become aware that the mother(earth) is a living entity and we humans are a part of her. I guess because we become aware that we have to meet the god inside ourselves rather than in a church or temple.

How do you use stories in your therapy?
I use peoples own life story in my work. Trying to see the subject at hand on the level of the story behind to lose symptoms and problems. I use my own life experience sometimes as a reference. I use metaphors al lot.

How do you know the when you have the right level of consciousness?

If i am able to keep a secret even from myself it is a clue that I am on the “right” track. It’s the freshness that comes along with it, that makes my consciousness at the “right” level. In my work i focus on the energetic level, but i do not forget the other levels like the mythical, emotional, mental en physical. The lower the level I work on the less consciousness I use and the more work that has to be done.

Do you understand what myself and others are calling the “new mythology?” Any examples?

No i have not got an idea. If I have to guess it might be in the direction that a new level of awareness is coming to us humans and that we are called to grow to new levels of understanding towards each other etc. etc.

What is sacred to you and to your network? How do you develop this and protect it?

Sacred to me is the notion to first clean your own soul before you touch someone else. For me it means that i first heal myself and stay aware that my own healing is not mixed with the work I do. So i develop myself constantly and work on my own healing to reach a higher level of consciousness.

Tell us about your education as a shaman in the Andes tradition?

After my education in the Field of NLP as a practitioner, master and health practitioner shamanism came on my path. A few of my teachers of the HCT got involved. And so it was that the spark enlightened me too. So I read the book “Shaman, healer sage” by Alberto Villoldo and in an instant i felt the strong calling. I’ve done the Healing The Light Body School. Additional I went to Peru to spend a time with the Laika shaman. I took additional classes in advanced divination and advanced soul retreval.

How has Jeffrey Wium influenced your life?

It is just recently that I have met Jeffrey and started to study with him. I’ve met his work due to a kind of synchronicity; a colleague shaman was not able to attend to his workshops and she send me the information. I went to a introduction and right then I felt the strength and the honesty of his teachings. I felt it was time for me to go forward in my spiritual development. He made me aware that the education as a shaman can be refined into the education as a paco or lightworker.

Are we ready to move on and leave the belief in heaven and hell?

I do not believe in an heaven and hell outside someones own mind. I don’t believe in a heaven and hell. If one is to create a heaven it’s only a matter of time until the fall to hell will come because they are depended on each other. The creation of heaven and hell depends on the perspective that there is a fixed good and bad. I do not believe in this separation.

Peter Bosch-Jansen Bio –

  • Registered Nurse
  • Bachelor in Nursing
  • Masters in Health science at University Maastricht
  • NLP practitioner
  • NLP Master
  • NLP Health Practitioner
  • Healing the Light Body school, with Alberto Villodo.
  • NLP trainer- not yet international certified
  • The hart of the Matter, Jeffrey Wium

Connections –

Peter Bosch-Jansen
pnc.jansen @

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