Note From the Field: Free Alchemy Lecture at University of Chicago

For over 2000 years Alchemy has developed as a means to explore the world around us. The root of contemporary chemistry and physics, a spiritual model, a psychological map, a series of allegorical lessons, Alchemy is all these and more, a vessel for the dreams and developments of humanity.

On Saturday, November 20th the author, lecturer and practicing practical alchemist Dennis William Hauck will be giving a free lecture on the history of alchemy and it’s current manifestations.

You can read a Magazine interview with Dennis here and watch a video interview with him from the Alchemy Conference here.

Saturday’s lecture is free and Open Myth Source co-founder David Metcalfe will be in attendence. Hope to see you there!


The University of Chicago Global Voices Author Series Presents:

Dennis William Hauck, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Alchemy
In this thought-provoking lecture, bestselling author Dennis William Hauck reveals the secrets of the ancient art of transformation and shows how the universal principles of alchemy can be applied in the modern world. Though the alchemists spoke of retorts, furnaces, and chemicals, they were really talking about changes that were taking place in their own bodies, minds, and souls. This level of work by true alchemists, such as mathematicians Isaac Newton and John Dee, went far beyond the foolish efforts of medieval charlatans who sat at their furnaces frantically pumping their bellows trying to change lead into gold. Space is limited. To guarantee your spot, please RSVP by email to A booksigning will follow the lecture.

This event is free and open to the public.
12:00 pm, Home Room

For more information and directions visit the University of Chicago page.

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