Mythic Mandate: Building a community of practice and a workshop to create the new alchemy and mythologies

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Alchemy’s explanatory strength lies in its capacity to toggle between the seemingly incongruous realms of practice and metaphor.

– Transformed as if in a Dream: Alchemical Transmutation and Our Sacred Earth. From Interview with Michelle Ramona Silva, PhD.

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Hero | Journey | Initiation.

Re-conceptualizing the lessons and values of Joseph Campbell for the Sustainability Age is a wondrous journey. Considering that I had begun this work – well before I realized it had started! – only makes it so much more hyper-critical. Magazine, now joined by (OMS), are alchemic vessels and educational probes in our push to capture and promote new global symbols, songs, stories and myths in this, our next great precarious epoch on Earth.

OMS Co-Founder David Metcalfe and I are content rich in interviews and sponsored content but face many intriguing challenges as we launch a Mythic Mandate workshop series that must “activate and share” our online and offline participants visions and art.

How then to facilitate the new alchemy and produce the new myths we need? We have a few “wall bending” metaphors and a “distilling process” in the tool box. A community ideation process spurred on by select examples and quotes from the web sites is almost defined. David’s new drawings are volcanic good; I love our new myth series (6) that will undoubtedly play an instructive role in the initiations ahead.

Possible Mythic Mandate Courses –

  • Sound / Music Alchemy
  • Sustainability and the New Mythologies
  • Re-Charging Joseph Campbell
  • The Shaman Returns
  • Alchemy in Paint, Design and Dance
  • Religion and Spirituality in the Green Movement
  • Permaculture as the New Community / Social Foundation
  • Modern Witches, Druids and Pagans
  • Mythological Narratives and 21st Stories
  • Myth and Branding
  • Digital Storytelling

I am energized by the sacred. Is this not the key to myth and alchemy? Equally, I am working on what is not sacred! And how the false stories and gods are removed?

Our mission unfolds. Come with us.

Warm wishes from Boracay.

Willi Paul

About [ open myth source ]

The [open myth source] project gathers conversations, symbols, songs, visual art and stories. Building a house for Myth in the Sustainability Age.
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