Humanities Face Cuts, Online Academy of Esoteric Studies Launched

The Academy is the brainchild of Sasha Chaitow, author, lecturer, and PhD candidate of the Exeter Centre for Western Esotericism (EXESESO). This initiative is a direct response to the closure of many university programmes in the Liberal Arts across Western universities, and to the perceived need for better academic representation of neglected aspects of Western culture. The Academy is the first such initiative globally to combine serious scholarship of these topics at entry-level with digital learning technology. The Academy offers 39 courses covering numerous topics across the spectrum of Esotericism and the Arts.

Western Esotericism is a little-known field usually found as an adjunct to Religious Studies, Philosophy, or History departments. With roots in ancient Egyptian and ancient Greek philosophy, it comprises a spectrum of traditions which have massively impacted both society and Western culture, from the arts to popular culture. Over the last 20 years it has evolved as a field of study in several European universities, but is mainly accessible to advanced scholars. In a time of cultural crisis and widespread misinformation, this Academy’s purpose is to offer accessible and accurate information on a broader scale, with an active interest in bringing practical and tangible solutions to students, with the added advantage of soft skill training. Teaching is conducted online and is accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

For further information email Sasha Chaitow at phoenix at, and visit the Phoenix Rising Academy website at

You can also stay in touch via Twitter: @PhoenixRediviva

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