Note From the Field: Killing Myth of the Marlboro Man. EcoToursim Report by Willi Paul

Mythology and media are closely aligned. Just as the chivalric ideal was spread by troubadours in 12th century Europe, today corporate ideals are spread across the globe by organizations that affect the cultural narrative with no less intricacy.

When we talk about this it’s easy to get into abstract discussions of memes and marketing; when we see the effect first hand, the discussion takes a different turn. The following is a brief report from the Phillipines by Open Myth Source’s Willi Paul, who’s currently traveling in Asia.

– David Metcalfe

Killing Myth of the Marlboro Man. EcoTour Report by Willi Paul, Co-Presented by Magazine &

Santa Cruz is a bustling seaside town and deep water port about 4 hours south of Manila on the China Sea. The pollution here will kill you. After 3 days there, listen to my chest hack.

Diesel from nickel ore trucks bang straight through the city square from 7 AM – 6 PM, cloaking everyone here with road dust and lung killing fumes. One truck after another, after another ad noisome. This raw material is ripped out of the local economy for Chinese manufacturing and profit.

Then flag and bump down to the market or the farm job on the latest gas dependent technology, the motor bike – side car. Not sure the EPA would be welcome.

Ah, the US cigarette is still for sale – and smoked – everywhere.

3rd World economy, 1st World exploitation.

* * * * * *

Our guide is a good friend of the Mayor, a third term winner no less. The Mayor of Santa Cruz is doing quite well financially. He takes a cut of every zinc oar truck shipment that barks through the plaza and miraculously, the micro wave company placed the new communication tower on his land. It is well known that he is rich while his citizens suffers.

Where is the Catholic Church in all of this? You would think the dust on the pews every day would cause some alarm by none can be found. Think that the bribes flow into the parish, too.

* * * * * *

I wanted to see evidence of myth, lore; other cultural icons – other than the big ugly control machines above.

Sadly, enter The Marlboro Man and the Coke bottle. Sugar and smoke still benefit American business and offer no redeeming value, except a huge habit and profit.

As Co-Founder David Metcalfe and I build the Mythic Mandate program, re-conceptualizing Joseph Campbell and engineering the new alchemy, we will also need to reach “backwards” and build real and online bridges to our brothers and sisters dangling in the brain killing arms of the United States of America – who vacated military bases many months ago but keep on shipping their cartoon toxins.

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The [open myth source] project gathers conversations, symbols, songs, visual art and stories. Building a house for Myth in the Sustainability Age.
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