Corporate Climate – Magic Sustainable Data? Interview with Willi Paul, Founder of Magazine

Mr.Paul is a Green Business Certified Sustainability Consultant and strategic client relations designer for environmental and greentech start-ups and sustainability non-profits for many years. Mr Paul is CEO at Magazine & Networks generating 230+ thought leader interviews and 1690+ posts to-date since launching site on EarthDay 2009.

Mr. Paul is also a community relations consultant for in Petaluma, CA. He has developed marketing and online community building strategies for over fifty Internet start-ups and leads four LinkedIn Groups. Willi recently served as the Director of Sustainable Business Development for USA & China.

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Ghuffran: Why is it valuable for a business to promote its sustainability via PR/Marketing channels?

William: One has to play the game, I suppose. But it is critical for a firm to verify it’s green certification systems to both stock holders and the community in complete transparency prior to the PR glitch. Global corporate greenwashing is rampant now as firms try to show a “green face” without the sustainability budget, tools and integrity in place.

Ghuffran: What benefits are there for businesses that actively promote their sustainability initiatives?

William: Shareholders love the hype. Eco-communities want partners that integrate their values. Communities desperately want corporations that clean-up the land, air and water around them. Sales for goods and services increase.

Ghuffran: Why do some businesses value sustainability before they can see any measurable benefits, and others not?

William: While many firms lead top-down in these evolving times, others are adopting a cross-silo community approach that attains more company-wide buy-in for sustainability. Secondly, green values are the right values. Recycling, re-sue, reducing energy waste, etc. are self-evident and worth the challenge. The best firms not only see the green writing on the wall, but “become the wall” early in the big picture. Saving money is only one ROI.

Ghuffran: How can we as representatives of the Green community influence businesses leaders to create the value of sustainability for their organizations. What can we say/do to influence their thinking?

William: We need to speak to the shareholders directly as possible with solid data and alternative business goals. Also, we need to create and support positive communication channels.

Ghuffran: What can businesses do to generate positive ROI from their sustainability initiatives?

William: While I am biased here, businesses can certainly benefit from hiring a sustainability consultant to gather baseline data and implement green programs.

Partnerships with NPOs and community groups are also critical. Two come to mind in NorCAL: and

Joining forces and sharing strategies has never been more critical to generate positive ROI from sustainability initiatives.

Be transparent in all actions, and educate the board.

Ghuffran: In your opinion what can businesses do to help quantify the results of these initiatives for their customers and stakeholders?

William: Whether you are targeting carbon trading schemes, recycling initiatives or energy saving technologies, quantifying sustainability requires a “before and after” metric set. Hard data is more likely to be sustainable data and should satisfy the lawyers, press, community and business groups. We all need to demonstrate that we are taking some of the short-term negatives as sustainability blooms in our homes, schools and businesses.

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Willi Paul’s current passion and mission concerns how we can re-energize alchemy and mythology for the Sustainability Age. A content and social media network has been established to explore and share ideas: Magazine

Willi Paul, Founder & Writer Magazine & Networks
415-407-4688 | willipaul1 at

Author: Ghuffran Ali | Interview Source

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