Reach for the Sun – interview with visionary artist Eris Klein

“Till the Soil, Water, and expect nothing, because seeds come with their own instructions.”
Eris Klein Interview by Willi Paul  

For so many different connections
Our separate paths might have made
With every door that we opened
Every game we played

Somehow we find each other
Through all that masquerade
Somehow we found each other
Somehow we have stayed
In a state of grace

I don’t believe in destiny
Or the guiding hand of fate
I don’t believe in forever
Or love as a mystical state
I don’t believe in the stars or the planets
Or angels watching from above

But I believe there’s a ghost of a chance we can find someone to love and make it last…

from RUSH: “Ghost of a Chance”

Where do the angles live really?

“Where” implies a particular space. Angels don’t live in space. They are outside the time/space continuum. They are limitless, and although they may pretend to be limited in order to assist others, Angels live everywhere and no where all at once – similar to cyberspace, but better!

You often draw angels. Do they have a special meaning to you?

Yes. When I was a child I was surrounded by light/energy beings, which I later called Angels. They are the same mythological beings adopted by many religions. But in truth they are not a part of any religion. Angels are beyond labels; they are boundless. I experience them to be light, music, geometry, knowledge, art, and perfect love. Angels are not bound to physical reality except out of their love for humanity. They are perfect vehicles for the Divine Mind – which is infinitely creative.

What are the illuminarts? Can we see some examples from your easel?

I made up the word illuminarts to describe the feeling I have surrounding the art-making process. Attached is a painting I did about my life as an illustrator. When I illustrate I am there to be of service to others, but often I will secretly embed my own spiritual messages into client work – similar to the DaVinci code. The Illuminartist was created for the cover of Cicada magazine years ago and I never told anyone its true meaning. I prefer it that way.
When I create I open up and become a vessel for Universe to flow through. It is a very illuminating experience! Because of this, I aspire to creating consciously in ways that serve the highest good and I do not desire to oppress, harm, or disparage others with my images.

I believe that many artists, by nature, experience expanded forms of consciousness and are natural visionaries. I have often been told that I have amazing insights to share. But I’m afraid that I have been in the service of others for so long, I’ve become complacent in hiding my light. Thus, this interview is good experience for me. Hopefully it is valuable to someone else too. Thank you.

Time to take flight in my dreams and spin a little magic — the advanced form of science.

When are dreams not just “9-5” dreams but messages from another energy source?

Let me back up and say that when I was a child dreams and waking were unbroken continuum. Back then I viewed dreaming not as a fantasy, but as another form of travel – more real than NASA trying to reach the moon and much more efficient. It was not until I grew up that I viewed dreaming and waking as two separate entities and began to observe them more scientifically. I love science, by the way! After a life time of observation and journaling my experiences,

I have come to see that there are distinct levels in the Dreaming.

The common 9-5 varieties are thought projections we create ourselves. They serve to assist us in understanding ourselves better and work to heal us, so we can face another day. The deeper levels of dreaming, however, are various and are not always projections from our selves. Among other things, there are higher non-physical entities that visit us in the dreaming and assist in our evolution. Because we are so caught up in our own illusions at night – as we are in the day – these guides must work within our belief systems in order to deliver messages. It’s often difficult to identify these messages because we are so self centered and stubborn about our illusions.

Only the most astute mind can tell the difference between illusion and a message from another source. But if the message is from a higher guide, it will only be positive and will assist you– so please try to listen! Ah, there is so much to share about dreaming! I could write several books on the topic. I am trying to illustrate a book on the subject right now and I am putting together a workshop on advanced level dreaming this Fall.

How do you incorporate scenes and beings from your dreams in to your waking hours?

Through my journals, sketches, and finally my artwork. The image on the splash page of my website is based on both a night dream and a waking process I call “becoming” – it’s similar to manifesting but much more powerful. Sometimes I also incorporate my dreams into client work, but only subtly.

How do you think women’s reverence for the sacred differs from men’s?

I wish I knew. I hate to divide men and women into categories, as ultimately I believe our souls contain both feminine and masculine energies. Also, I’ve no doubt that in the reincarnational video game, we’ve all tried on different bodies, like avatars and heroes. Which do you want to be this time, honey — the man or the woman? Ha, ha! We like the creativity and drama of a dualistic reality, and so it goes, but sadly I believe that the masculine energy on this planet has been deeply separated from its source in Love for a very long time – and nothing is more divine than Love.

Love is what connects us and makes us recognize our connection to the whole, so that we revere life, not destroy it. When men are focused on competitive, uncaring, aggressive, and/or controlling behaviors, when they can’t express feelings or communicate, then I believe they are not respecting the sacred in themselves or others – and that extends to the environment. So how do women differ from men in this area? Sadly, I’d have to say that on the whole women are less damaged spiritually.

“The stories and characters for the project(s) would illustrate new mythologies and new hero/heroines that would help others visualize how to create a brighter future.”
What myths are critical to your spirit these days? Who are your heroes?

Willi Paul? Here’s a guy who has outrageously creative ideas for assisting the planet and others, but I’ve never met him. I don’t even know if he really exists and yet he inspires me – thus he has become a mythological character for me. He, he! It’s quite silly really, but since I was 12, I’ve created my own set of mythological characters out of the people around me and who I imagine them to be. I also create characters completely from my imagination — anything to help me understand my world and keep me aspiring to higher things! As a kid I use to also create my own constellations from the stars above. Why not? It’s crazy to just accept what is handed down to you, without question – especially when it no longer serves you. Wake up and smell the power to make your own world! How would you like it to be? That’s the kind of myths and heroes I like to make.

Your three favorite sci-fi movies?

Forbidden Planet, the original Matrix, and Contact.

Favorite cartoons?

Currently I’m getting up to speed with Manga and Japanese Anima from my friends daughter. I love it – as long as it’s not too violent. I’m told that I am one of the few adults that actually get’s Manga. Cool! No doubt being an imaginary being myself, it is easy to relate to the wild stories. As for cartoons, I rarely watch TV, but I like Charlie the Unicorn on YouTube and the characters on the HomestarRunner website ( There’s also a wonderful clip from Heckle and Jeckle called the Power of Intention on YouTube.

Is TV evil?

TV isn’t evil in itself. It is just another tool for expression – it’s neutral – but unfortunately I think it’s been used unconsciously, so of course it’s trashy. Many of the shows are mind twinkies – mental and spiritual toxic waste that slows your spirit down. I hope one day, we recognize that what we put in our brains is just as damaging as the processed lifeless foods we eat.

I’m also concerned about Satellite TV dishes. I have a personal experience with one affecting my dreams at night. I didn’t even know the dish was around until I kept dreaming that cable movies were being directly downloaded into my brain – so much violence and petty junk! – my own self healing and energy work never got done and by day I felt run down and aggravated. Eventually I discovered the dish behind a tree on my neighbor’s house and made the connection.

My head was right in the path of the dish! This makes me wonder how many people’s energy fields are being disrupted nightly by this technology. Oh well, more cancerous brain tumors of which no one will know the cause I suppose! We really need to acknowledge the possible side effects of satellite dishes and all electromagnetic devices. I love the city, but more and more I desire to get away from all the electromagnetic pollution which has increased exponentially in the last decade.

“Shamans and Artists are conjurers of ecstasy….” Please elaborate on this.

Being a vessel for the infinite mind is nothing less than ecstatic! God is really just one huge imagination from which all forms are born. Artists, like Shamans use the arts to tap into that divine imagination and lift consciousness to a higher vibration – the only difference is our culture doesn’t recognize the value of artists. On the contrary, creativity is the divine nature of all Life.

What is your view of the near future on the planet?

I don’t know. It depends on what the Earth habitants of this planet want. It isn’t that I don’t care, but for my own soul’s growth I’ve had to remove myself from the drama. No future is preordained. The future is created within the now. However, there does come a point where it’s hard to turn back. At one point I saw two futures on this planet – one negative and one good. Now all I see is good – regardless of all the crap that is happening. But of course that is the future I am choosing to bring into my existence – it may not be yours and it may not even be the future on this planet. Maybe I am seeing a different planet, who knows? But it is what I decided I want and so I’m holding onto a positive vision and projecting it out into my future – so I know it is there. Just like the dreaming, we can create our reality in the waking as well. Want to hold a positive vision with me?

When I was a girl “(I) laid my scrawny body down in front of (a land developer’s) bulldozer.” What’s the story? Any recent protests to relay?

Yes, I’ve recently protested against Willi Paul for pushing me so hard to get more involved in shifting the planet with my art. Does that count? I am thankful, but talk about a dynamo! I’m currently considering his ideas now.

But other than that no recent protests. I do have a history of being a whistle blower for injustice and discrimination — and also as a sacrifice. I’ve lost several jobs for speaking up. Now I’m waiting for others to take more responsibility – especially those at the top.

Come on you guys, you can do it! Currently I’m tired of holding anger in my body when I protest and I am trying to create a vision of healing and peace through my energy work and meditation instead. This is the only protesting I’ve been doing lately. I do of course recycle, give to several animal funds, and promote green businesses with my graphics as well. Most recently I created graphics for Trees, Water, & People in Fort Collins.

“Isn’t it time you brought your vision to the world?”

What is your vision for your own work?

To be honest, I spend too little time on my own work. I’m a bit selfless in that way. I have wanted to create an illustrated dream book that talks about my experiences for a long time, but I keep putting it off for clients. I sketch and journal almost obsessively and I love creating imaginary worlds and characters for the purpose of play and helping me understand higher concepts.

What future award would mean the most to you?

None. I just want to be free to do what brings me joy. Recognition and awards mean nothing to me. In fact, they often make me nervous. The first time I got an award and I stuck it in a drawer and forgot about it. It is only recently that I mention them, so others understand that I am talented – as if they can’t see that with their own two eyes!

How do you form a vision for a client?

I become a clear channel for their needs. I listen to what they tell me and also what they don’t tell me. I try to tap into them as much as I can and then facilitate their vision so that others can see. I start with listening, and then I sit under a tree. There I relax, dream, and eventually an idea sprouts up from the depths of my being. It’s a lot like being a surrogate mom for other people’s children.


“I believe that many artists, by nature, experience expanded forms of consciousness and are natural visionaries. ”

Eris Klein Bio
Eris creates art and marketing materials for a variety of businesses with an emphasis on mind-body and alternative health publications. Her work has been published internationally and has won several awards. Eris’ designs can be found on book covers, affirmation cards, magazines, musical CDs, products, websites, and the occasional animation.

Some of her favorite projects include the Wisdom Card deck published by Louise Hay and a poster for Alice in Wonderland presented by the Fort Collin’s Children’s Theater.

In addition, Ms. Klein has a K-12 teaching license in art and has taught at various schools — from multimedia design at the community college to workshops for at-risk teens. Besides being creative herself, Eris finds helping others some of her most rewarding work.

Client List (partial):
Psychology Today, Yoga Journal, Hay House, Samuel Weiser, Rapunzel Organic Foods, Wild Oats, Day Spa Magazine, Weekly Reader, The Cricket Magazine Group, Focus Friends, Windows NT Magazine, Hewlett Packard, One Tribe Creative, and The Lincoln Center.

1996 – Colorado Independent Publisher’s Award for Best Book Cover

2001 – EdPress (Association of Educational Publishers) Distinguished Achievement Award for Best Cover Design

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Contact Ms.Klein:

erisklein_designs at juno dot com


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The [open myth source] project gathers conversations, symbols, songs, visual art and stories. Building a house for Myth in the Sustainability Age.
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