Great Initiations, Sanctuaries & New Myths for Our Tribe of Spiritual Earth Allies. Interview No. 2, B.C. Artist Simon Haiduk,

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Artist Statement:

Empowering my creative force is the love, respect, and understanding that all life comes from the same source and can be shared in many ways. This exhibit reflects the awareness of reconnecting to our planet as a living entity, and represents natural sanctuaries where peace is found in presence. Many of these paintings are inspired by my experiences in coastal rainforests of B.C. Canada and Northern California. These forests have a majesty that evokes an alignment with the spirit of earth and a connection to nature that is often missed in our concrete habitats. In my dedication to the creative process, I strive to find ways of producing work and living life that maintain this harmony between the Earth and its shared inhabitants. Each creation reflects an aspect of this journey, thinning the veil between physical and metaphysical realities in an unfolding awareness of that which connects us all.

* * * * * * *

Your new paintings all glow with light and mystery. Like there is another world or spirit hovering. Tell us what the spirit shows up in your work.

I find this spirit by connecting to my feelings for nature and the energy I feel when I’m in it. I like to amplify the aspect of lighting as a reflection of this energy, of which over time I’ve gleaned from the ethereal realms I experience in my Third Eye. So like you say, it’s like there is another world hovering, and often I’m tempted to go further, but I like to leave it to the viewer’s imagination. In a few recent cases I actually have gone further, but have create “remixed” versions of the originals.

How do you connect mythmaking and innovation in your work? Artists may go through many initiations on their alchemic journey. Please us about some of your key learnings, sand traps and transitions.

As mentioned before, the paintings exist as though there is another world or spirit hovering or just about to break through. I see this as an aspect of mythmaking, and I’m challenging myself to communicate the worlds of my soul in a language that is more understandable to a broader audience. By that I mean that in my older work which was much more cosmic and psychedelic, it seemed to be only translatable to people with a background in meditation, spiritual practices, or use of psychedelic substances. I guess you could say that I felt that to be a bit of a sand trap. Though it was a great initiation into a tribe of spiritual earth allies that helped me in the beginning and remain a positive reflection for this journey.

In my recent work I find that a much broader audience is connecting with it on the same level, and can easily relate because it’s in the language of landscapes and light. I feel that it’s from the same source as before but just a different dialect. Even though I don’t really paint Fairies in my work, people often comment that they see them, or that they sense a deep spiritual magic in the forests.

Are you an “island of creativity and rebellion?” How do you build community?

Rather than be an island, I like to see myself as a node in an interconnected web of intelligence co-creating and celebrating new realities as they unfold. Rebellion? Hard to say…I don’t think I’m too “Rebellious” anymore, just motivated to evolve. My community building comes from understanding the synchronicity of connections between people and events that draw us together in was so that we can co-create reality aligned with our intentions. For now this is in understanding how we evolve with the seemingly drastic changes in environment and social structures.

Is there a “Father Nature?” How is this energy expressed in your work and in popular culture these days?

I see the Sun as the Father figure. I express this in my work with the sun-light bursting through and penetrating the foliage of Mother Earth. I’m not really sure about Father or Mother figures in popular culture. They seem to have been snuffed out by Consumerism, and it’s causing a severe lack of guided direction for the mainstream culture.

What is the spiritual core or principle(s) of the Sustainability Age? Is there a universal theme or spark still?

I think the core principles are that of re-connecting with each other, nature, and the cosmos to see our interconnectedness and understand the role it plays in our evolution as moderately self aware beings, as we become ever more self aware and aware of The True Self. That True Self is the greater intelligence that might just want us to drastically evolve into another kind of organism in order to be truly “sustainable”.

Is B.C. a magical place? Why?

It is so very magical. Why? Because it’s on Earth, and it’s full of Trees, and Mountains, fresh water, and on, and on, and on. When it comes down to it – what isn’t magical?

Where and what is the common well or interface for the shamanic powers you know?

Nature, Meditation, stillness, being present, music, art, and entheogens.

Are modern shaman’s helping to create new mythologies? If so, can you give us some examples?

I’m not too clear what modern shaman’s are anymore. I suppose I see visual artists and musicians who tap into the “Shamanic” realms and reflect that in their craft as modern shamans creating new mythologies. Though this could be anyone that is opening to a new understanding of integrative and holistic life and living it.

Can permaculture be defined in alchemic or mythological terms or processes? Please try.

I’m not sure I know enough about permaculture, though I’d say that it’s alchemical.

Are you seeing any shifts away from traditional religion to a more Nature-based view?

Yes, greatly. I see many of the modern “Environmental” and “Global Warming” groups as being almost Religious actually. It’s a bit scary sometimes how dogmatic it becomes. Though I do think that many people of all religions are opening to understanding nature.

Can you offer us some symbols, songs or stories that speak in mythological terms for the Sustainability Age?

OK. Here are some web-links on that note:

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