Activating the New Alchemy and Mythologies for the Sustainability Age – [ Open Myth Source ] Book 1: Thought Leader Interviews

eBook One of Three: “ – Activating the New Alchemy and Mythologies for the Sustainability Age – Thought Leader Interviews,” on Amazon.

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“ – Activating the New Alchemy and Mythologies for the Sustainability Age, Book One – Thought Leader Interviews,” incorporates Magazine and vision and content for a living, evolving community of ideas by activating the new mythologies and alchemy. This synergy will produce a series of books and community events, integrating online and face-to-face tools, global values and ideas.

We will fertilize and grow a rich cross-section of youth, adults and seniors by re-inventing and supporting the sustainability and mythic mandate.

The selected interviews are presented from earliest (4/09) to most recent (10/10) and do not marquee any so-called celebrities – all activists, artists and green business people in Book One the book are treated as equals. The original Magazine URL’s are listed with each interview so you can see the original and complete image, biographical and organizational information on each person.

There are many more interviews at Magazine than appear in this tome.

Generally, the interviews weave one or more of the following subjects:

  • Permaculture as a new system of community values
  • Power of Sound to transform us
  • The alchemy of both complex and simple acts
  • Nature-based spirituality
  • Synchronicity, metaphor and analogy
  • Light & transmutations
  • Alchemy of metaphors: bees and seeds, turtles
  • “From to openmythsource! “
  • Looking for corners, loving the edges

Book Two, due out in November 2010, will present Mr. Paul’s New Myth Series and posts from both web sites. Book Three includes new illustrations by Mr. Metcalfe and long fiction from Willi.

Please upload your myths, songs, symbols and stories at and discuss our visions!

And let us know if you would like to collaborate on an interview for Magazine, and our partner networks.

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Hearing the Light
Foreword from eBook One by Willi Paul

The Calling is my Journey
It’s what we haven’t discovered and shared that drives us on
Mythic Voyageurs

re: Contextualizing Joseph Campbell for the Sustainability Age

Are you a Shaman?
Is Sustainability like a new religion?
Save the planet or save the humans?

It’s getting late. It’s getting hot. Welcome to the flood zone

Come on, you have to want to be initiated, right?

Write new myths, we can live them together
Make sound, blend us into a new world

* * * * * * *

Contact Us: Magazine &
Pscompub at
c/o Willi Paul
PO Box 117177
Burlingame, CA

About [ open myth source ]

The [open myth source] project gathers conversations, symbols, songs, visual art and stories. Building a house for Myth in the Sustainability Age.
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