Is the Wal-Mart of the online business communities?

A growing percentage of the world’s educated and wired souls now have profiles on Not that this is an online community in the sense, scale or virtue of say: or Fair to say that the competition for dollars and the redundancy in posts, discussions and end games are starting to chafe?

The zillion’s of Group Gate Keeper’s are protecting their turf daily but obviously must contend with the daily barrage of their member’s self-promotions, quick fix webinars, used cars and ePolls.

But hey! I’m re-posting this missive on, right? And I am a member of 34 Groups here. But what great value are you getting out of the occasional “join my network” pleas on Please raise your hands!

Of course I understand my “tongue in mouse” here and that it is easy to bash an organization that has grown big in part from our fear of losing main street for good and that yellow pillow we call greed in a dangerously down and “bank shark” economy.

In my case, I am pleased to relay that LinkedIn has brought both new exposure and members to both my projects and my Groups. And yes, I have been asked to take a hike and tone down my spirit.

So what are my hopes for and its electronic numbers?

I propose we:

  • Create much more cross-over and exploration between groups.
  • Dive into each other’s way, meet someone new.
  • Break into each other disciplines, ask hard questions!
  • Run amuck online. It’s time to flip the paradigms.
  • Pursue all of the above an attempt to find new questions, ideas and solutions. We need’em now.

Have you been kicked-out of a Group yet?!


alt subject: group frameworks too rigid?

Submitted by tekbasse (not verified) on Tue, 11/17/2009 – 12:46.

The group dynamics at linkedin are not unique. It’s partly a consequence of adjusting the signal-to-noise ratio ( ), where free group subscriptions and participation are weighed against the burden of moderating the channels.

Groups tend to go through phases partly affected by the parameters of moderation. The way I see it, groups that moderate by requiring a paid subscription lose out on the benefits of alternate perspectives and ideas that can help evolve an aspect of their focus or topic. Groups that don’t have a way to filter promotional announcements (and other marketing techniques) tend to have difficulty coping with the noise. Some Linkedin (and other) groups could benefit from adding an “announcements” tab next to “discussions”; and allow individual users a way to subscribed to each separately. (Some use “news” for this feature quite well.) Also a button that moves a discussion item to the announcements area (like there is for jobs area) would help reduce the moderation burden by encouraging community participation in it.

And yes, break across disciplines with a spirit of innovation! The data center industry crosses multiple disciplines including HVAC, architecture, computer hardware and software, communications, renewable power, finance, business, and water usage making IT a useful platform to challenge industry norms.


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