Lightning washing the dream seeds. [ openmythsource #6 ] New Mythology for the Sustainability Age. By Willi Paul

walking in
indian summer souls
‘round the block

nobody else believes me

falling from the trees
i was born up here

burning old quarter moons
solar flares

unplugging holes in your heart
tiny mythic mix-ups

lightning washing
the dream seeds

* * * * * * *

lightning washing the dream seeds

The day was heart thumping. Rising mists from the west way coast and a climbing faceful of sun over east. Muir pumped her mountain bike on Nature’s back, admiring.

Slam-bang burst of green white lightning! threw her against the ground. Dazed. Guacamole and water bottles flying! The massive Redwood not 25 yards from her was split in two. A weird yellow smoke mingled in the midst with a confused Sun.

“Hey Missey!” Shouted something near the smoldering crack. “We meet again!” A filthy little human was waving his stick, his beard on fire. “Water, quick!”

Muir raced over to the knob of a man, dousing him with her Sierra Club canteen. The filtered water from her Haight Ashbury walk-up had a second, wondrous effect.

“Oh my, oh my, begeezers,” the wizard cried! Hidden in the root mass below the ground, exposed by the lightning, was a small cave full of bones, feathers and old pots and pans. And his ancient Redwood seeds.

“My seeds!” he is now way confused, like a child trying to make solar energy at night. Muir ran around and around his needle and soil encrusted alchemy ruin in awe.

“You are not the comet and this is not the year 2112!”
“We must plant the dream seeds now, her vision is clear,” he said shaking. 1000 baby tree sprouts are already snaking in and around each other – weaving a bright white green mass of young roots that are now rising out of the root cave.

From the Redwoods an army of black squirrels came into the clearing, tails wagging, ready to re-forest the hillside from rocky outcrop to ocean side.

“Spirit speed to the Blackies!”

Muir had no doubt that these new trees would play a critical role in the survival of the planet.

But that’s another dream….

* * * * * * *

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The [open myth source] project gathers conversations, symbols, songs, visual art and stories. Building a house for Myth in the Sustainability Age.
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