Inner Alchemy: When Anger Becomes Light,

Inner Alchemy: When Anger Becomes Light. Presented by Magazine and

Do not use heat as heat: use it as light. When you think anger is coming to you, close your eyes and meditate on what anger is.

Dig deep inside and find out the source from where it is coming. When we get angry we begin to think about the object of anger, about who has created it, and not of the source of anger, from where it is coming.

When you get angry, close your eyes. This is the right moment to meditate. Go deep, and you will come to the source of heat from where the accumulated energy is bursting forth to go out.

Observe it; do not indulge in it — because if you indulge in it, it will be thrown out without being transformed.

And do not suppress it — because if you suppress it, it will be thrown back to the original source which is overflowing.

It cannot absorb it. It will be thrown back again with a more forceful movement. Just be conscious. Move inward to the source.

This very movement slows down the process; this very observation transforms the quality of anger, because this calm observation is an antidote.

Anger and calm observation are different phenomena. When this calm observation enters into anger, it changes the energy, the very chemical composition of it, and heat becomes light.

Then the anger is neither thrown back to the original source which cannot contain it because it is overflowing, nor is it thrown to the object in a foolish wastage.

Then this energy neither moves out to the object of anger, nor is it suppressed back to the original source. This energy moves to the periphery of your body as light. When diffused, anger becomes ojas, an inner light.

So do not be disturbed and disappointed if you have much anger. That only shows you have much energy. A person born without anger cannot be transformed. He has no energy. So be happy that you have energy, but do not misuse it.

Energy in itself is neutral. This is the secret science of inner alchemy — to change heat into light, to change coal into diamond, to change baser elements into gold.

Our ‘chemistry’ is born out of alchemy. The word ‘alchemy’ comes from Egypt. The old name of Egypt was ‘Khem’and ‘Al Khem’means ‘the secret science of Egypt’.

The Egyptians were deep in the alchemy of inner transformation, in how to transform the inner chemistry.

Many Egyptian mum-mies are preserved. They are the oldest, most ancient mummies, and still scientists are not able to probe into how and why they were preserved.

Why they were preserved is difficult to understand, but more problematic is the ‘how’, by what chemical process they were preserved.

They are still as fresh as if they had just died. If there had been any outer chemical process, our chemistry could know it; we are more chemically developed than old Egypt.

The real thing is that these bodies were preserved not by any outer chemical process, but by inner alchemy.

If your sex energy, which is the source of life, can be transformed inwardly, then your body can be preserved for any length of time very easily — even for a million years.

If the cells of your body lose sex then the body can be preserved, because birth comes through sex and death comes through sex. Your freshness, the youngness of the body, comes through sex, and then deterioration comes through sex.

Excerpted from The Ultimate Alchemy + Osho Inter-national Foundation

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