Sound as Myth: Initiation and Journey at the Sonic – Human Interface

Sound as Myth

by Willi Paul

“Alchemy’s explanatory strength lies in its capacity to toggle between the seemingly incongruous realms of practice and metaphor.” Transformed as if in a Dream: Alchemical Transmutation and Our Sacred Earth. Interview with Michelle Ramona Silva, PhD.

“The alchemical process is a physical ritual that projects an inner state onto physical elements.” “Yes, I believe I understand how alchemy can work in the sound and visual arts; what’s just as clear is that today’s technology has definitely upped the ante.” Journey into Joseph Campbell Rising. Magazine Interview with Stephen Gerringer – Community Relations, Joseph Campbell Foundation.

* * * *

>> Play landing.mp3

Avant-Garde, chaos or canvas – or just the start of the next initiation? Each listener will create his or her own experiential values as the work unfolds. My invitation is for file sharing and recombination of these raw sound experiences. As many writers have discussed in Magazine interviews, this sound is an alchemical or transmutation process, where the recombining of elements and the interactive process is more important than the product.

I also will be examining myth as soundscape – or how the imagination of each listener both creates and recombines a story and how the meanings evolve as each collaboration changes the forces. These files can be re-mixed and thus made even more alchemic as each new layer is added.

Differing from other music, here soundscape is no longer the background but the foreground as the sound collage drives the experience; sound is now the story that we process and interpret individually and collectively.

A series of segways or glimpses into in the Sonic – Human Interface.

>> Play Scape5.mp3

* * * * * * * Sound Elements


  • PC Stereo: Streaming Internet or local mp3 library
  • Viola: bowed, plunked or banged
  • Audio-Technica Artist ATM350 Cardioid Condenser Clip-On Microphone
  • Boss ME-25 Multiple Guitar Effects
  • ZT Acoustic Amp
  • 100.00 electric guitar
  • Voice


  • iPhone Video
  • Sonar and/or Audacity -> mp3

>> Play Scape6.mp3

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About [ open myth source ]

The [open myth source] project gathers conversations, symbols, songs, visual art and stories. Building a house for Myth in the Sustainability Age.
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